The Hunter-Farmer Framework™ FREE Crash Course: Let's Do the Impossible!

In only 22 minutes of this free training video I’ll try to do the impossible:

  • Read your mind
  • Organize everything I know about marketing a counseling/coaching business into one clear doable framework
  • Give you one powerful free marketing strategy you can apply TODAY to get at least one client during the next 1-2 months

Sasha Raskin is an amazing coach. He helped me get my small business off the ground and expand in ways I could never have done on my own in that amount of time. He provided me with the tools to challenge outdated limiting beliefs I had about myself & gave me very concrete guidance in expanding my business. Thank you so much Sasha, I could never have done this without you 🙏

– Sophia O'Connor, Boulder, USA

Your advice worked out 🙂 One existing client bought a course of 3 trainings to relieve the shoulder ache 🙂 

The funny thing about all that is this: Nothing is rocket science! Thank you much for your work, Sasha! I appreciate the combination of practicality and humane attitude! And the first results appeared already 🙂

– Max Podolskhiy, Moscow, Russia

About Sasha Raskin

Sasha Raskin, MA, is an international #1 bestselling co-author, the founder of The 6 Figure Practice, a business coach and a psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. 

He is working on a P.h.D in Counseling Education and Supervision and is an adjunct faculty at the Contemplative Counseling master’s program at Naropa University, from which he also graduated.

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