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Change Lives And Thrive Yourself Using a Proven Method in a Private Practice Accelerator For

Mental Health Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches

The 6-Figure Practice Program Can be Your Path to a Full Private Practice

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a compassionate and trained therapist or a coach who wants to support people in giving themselves a better life. You also want your own private practice and doing things how you want, and not working at agencies or relying on insurance companies. 

You want more clients to fill your practice to help more people and to create financial security and stability, for yourself and your family. If you’re working at another job, maybe you’re ready to shift to all private practice over time. Maybe you’re just not there yet, and to solve that, you might be seeking mentors who can share their knowledge with you, guide you & inspire you, maybe even in a community setting with a group of like-minded people working towards the same goals.  

You Don't Have to Do This Alone! If you're ready to grow, but feel stuck we can help.

We know that, because we helped many other therapists and coaches like you before!

Our Participants Thrive!

With our proven system, clear roadmap, supportive team, video lectures, content, tools, workbooks, projects, community, guidance, accountability, mentorship, and live group calls, it's no wonder that our participants constantly fill their practices. Below are just a few examples.

It feels incredible knowing that I reached 6-figures in my private practice

I moved from graduate student to professional psychotherapist with a full private practice.

succeed as as private practice therapist

Fabio Fina

Mental Health Counselor

I went from 3 clients to 27 clients in 4 months 

I filled my private practice in 4 months, during the pandemic, while working full time and raising 2 small kids: 1-year-old and a newborn!

tiffany stone how to grow a mental health private practice

Tiffany Stone

Therapist and Coach

I filled my private practice completely in 2 months

My private practice is full. With the program's call script every 3 out of 4 people I talk to become clients. I now have a wait list. 

marketing for therapists counselors and coaches for private practice business

Connor Moss

Therapist and Coach

Are you feeling stuck?
You're not alone, and frankly, it's not your fault

In our work supporting counselors and coaches in filling their private, we see all the time three main areas where they struggled, simply because they're lacked support and guidance.

Are you struggling with any of these as well? 

1. Mindset (fears and lack of action)

2. Tools (lack of knowledge and support)

3. External challenges (life circumstances)

Mindset (fears and lack of action)

⦿ Being afraid to try
⦿ Insecurity, imposter syndrome, and fear of rejection/ridicule
⦿ I am terrified of the business side of things
⦿ Self-doubt, not believing in myself
⦿ Money mindset
⦿ Fear of the unknown
⦿ I’m an introvert
⦿ Confidence in the results I get for people
⦿ Fear of revealing myself more fully
⦿ A fear that I will have to compromise spending less time with my family
⦿ The fear I will fail
⦿ Technology is intimidating for me and I want to get over it
⦿ Uncertainty about the future
⦿ Limiting beliefs
⦿ Unable to stay organized
⦿ Getting distracted
⦿ Trying to do it all myself
⦿ Procrastination
⦿ Not having a clear direction
⦿ Pushing myself to really put the time in
⦿ Perfectionism

Tools (lack of knowledge and support)

⦿ Not knowing where to start
⦿ Not having a clear vision of how to market myself
⦿ I don't know much about marketing and advertising and ways to keep consistent client flow
⦿ Always worked for others
⦿ I cannot pinpoint an exact reason that I am not achieving my desired results
⦿ Not knowing the best way to use time
⦿ Learning curve— I don’t really know what I’m doing
⦿ Don't know how to effectively change my occupation to my own full-time business
⦿ Not being able to find long term clients who can afford therapy and have the commitment
⦿ Practice is growing but very slowly
⦿ Can’t reach the people that I think I could help the most
⦿ Not being able to bring good fit clients into my practice
⦿ Lack of experience
⦿ Difficult area to market
⦿ Accepting insurance, not getting my information into the hands of people willing to pay cash
⦿ Don't get many client calls
⦿ Lack of a plan
⦿ Lack of guidance
⦿ Lack of accountability
⦿ Not knowing my niche
⦿ Inconsistent caseload
⦿ I’m missing the details of starting up and making sure I have everything needed
⦿ Stuck on building a website
⦿ Divided focus
⦿ Lack of consistency
⦿ Having so much to learn
⦿ Not having the right resources
⦿ Needing help with copywriting and marketing strategies
⦿ Unsure of how I want to market myself and my services
⦿ Not knowing enough to really promote myself

External challenges (life circumstances)

⦿ Family circumstances
⦿ I don’t know the next step sometimes because I’m just trying to manage what I have in front of me
⦿ Being underpaid
⦿ I’m very busy
⦿ I'm working full time
⦿ Having clients who require a sliding scale-so the committed clients don’t have the money to pay full fees and
⦿ A lot of time seeing clients and not having that time to put into the marketing aspects

If you recognize yourself in any of these challenges, let us show how we can help!

The 6-Figure Practice Program

The 6-Figure Practice is an online program founded by Sasha Raskin for helpers (mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists,  and coaches) who want to both serve their clients and build a successful and sustainable business.

Our private practice accelerator is for you if you're looking for a clear, step-by-step road map, support, community and accountability for becoming a thriving private practice therapist or a coach by creating a positive impact in the world.

About the Founder

Sasha Raskin,


Sasha Raskin, MA, LPC, is an international #1 bestselling co-author, the founder of The 6 Figure Practice, a business coach and a licensed professional counselor in Boulder, CO. 


These days he's working on a P.h.D in Counseling Education & Supervision is an adjunct faculty at the Contemplative Counseling master’s program at Naropa University, from which he also graduated.

Our Team

We're here to make your journey of building a thriving private practice an easy, simple, fun and supported experience. Our team is here for you to make sure that you have all the accountability, guidance, support, and answers you need!

Sofia Drobinskaya - Group Facilitator

Sofia Drobinskaya, MA

Group Facilitator

Sofia Drobinskaya, MA, is a counselor and a coach, as well as the 6-Figure Practice graduate with a full private practice. She guides counselors in their careers as Naropa University's career counselor and coach. In the 6-Figure Practice Sofia is facilitating the bi-weekly peer-supervision group live calls, as well as the bi-weekly implementation group live calls. 

Tracy Barkley - Member Success Manager

Tracy Barkley, MPA

Member Success Manager

Tracy Barkley, MPA, is a marketing and content creation expert. In the 6-Figure Practice Tracy is dedicated to providing the smoothest onboarding process possible for our members, as well as making sure that you always move forward towards your success.