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Fresh off the stove

This episode might surprise you, or at least provide some new information about the factors that are actually responsible for therapy or coaching success. Today I will be sharing a few important insights from the book "The heart and soul of change: What works in therapy" by Hubble, Duncan &

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This post might upset you, so if you're easily offended please do not watch or listen to it! Today I want to share my own personal opinion about the biggest obstacle to therapists and coaches actually succeeding in their private practice. Over the years I've created all the free resources

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Investing in our helping skills education and our business education to succeed in our private practice can be an incredible accelerator of success and growth on the one hand. On the other hand, how do you know in which education to invest, how much, and when? Today I'll share my

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An interview with Tiffany Stone, a 6-figure practice program graduate. Tiffany is sharing her incredible journey: She went from just 3 clients to 27 clients a week in her counseling private practice in just 4 months, during the pandemic, all while working full time and raising 2 small kids.________________________________________About the

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Let's take a look at the simple math behind reaching 100K in yearly revenue as a mental health counselor in private practice while working not more than 4 hours a day, and taking 1 month off a year! Get your calculators ready! Let's brainstorm a gameplan for your business:

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Believe it or not, if you're a therapist or a coach and you're experiencing the imposter syndrome, you're not alone. I have this nagging voice in my head and all of your colleagues have it too, to various degrees. Today we'll talk about how to work with it, and how

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