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Should I Become A Life Coach

Should I Become A Life Coach?

   Sasha Raskin’s talks with PhD Students about being a life coach and also a counselor. I truly believe that counselors and coaches should learn more from each other. This conversation is

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How To Get Coaching Clients

Learn How To Get Coaching Clients Using These Six Secrets

One of the biggest mistakes that a counselor or a coach can do is to believe that they are not a salesperson.  If you are a psychotherapist or a life coach, you are by definition a sales professional. Now,

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Transforming Your Life Volume 2

How Our Book Transforming Your Life – Became a Number One Bestseller in 12 Countries

Four days after a book I co-authored, ‘Transforming Your Life Volume II‘ was launched, it became a number one bestseller in 12 countries. It contains 22 powerful stories about personal

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