In today's live discussion, I'll be sharing a few simple ways to create a bigger impact in your work with your clients, and by doing that seeing your private practice grow.
 Marketing can be free or paid and the most important marketing is word of mouth or referrals. Let's talk about it.


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My name is Sasha Raskin. I’m a Number 1 Best Selling Co-Author in 12 Countries, a Doctoral student in Counseling Education and Supervision, a coach, a psychotherapist and an adjunct faculty at a graduate counseling program at Naropa University. 

One of the things I’m enjoying the most is helping other therapists and coaches build their successful private practice so that they could actually help the clients they were taught to help, and thrive themselves. I’m almost always fully booked, so my ability to work with individuals is limited. That is why I’ve created this program to deliver powerful results and create a community where you will feel supported by each other! 

This program's primary goal is to help you build a thriving private practice, in a fun and authentic way. Counselors and coaches invest an incredible amount of time, money, and effort into building their helping skills. However, when their training ends, they usually find themselves lacking the business skills that are needed to start and run a successful private practice, feel isolated, discouraged and not knowing where to start. 

I believe that to be truly helpful to others, therapists and coaches have to learn to thrive themselves and definitely know how to get clients whom they can help. 

This is where this program comes in. If you're willing to learn and work hard, a 6-figure private practice is within your reach in a year - 2 years. This program will give you a clear outline, and detailed instructions on how to get there.

How To Grow Your Private Practice and Help Your Clients Achieve Results

I'm a coach and a counselor and the founder of the six figure practice which is a private accelerator for coaches and counselors where we grow your practice with all the tools you will ever need to do that in the most efficient way possible. In today's discussion I want to talk about some simple ways you can grow your practice by doing what's really important, which is helping your clients achieve their goals.

And I'm heavily biased, I need to say, towards taking counseling and definitely coaching, towards creating real life change in your clients' lives. I think obviously a deep emotional connection is super important with you and your client and it's important to process emotions. And it's important to express feelings and thoughts and physical sensations that good old, "How does it feel in your body," question. And I definitely believe that the more you can help your clients actually take it one step further towards seeing those insights manifest in their lives the better counselor, coach you become, and honestly, the faster your private practice grows.

What sparked today's conversation is the last session that I had with a coaching client of mine just now. The model that I'm using in my coaching practice is, at least for now, I've experienced with many, is either 12 coaching sessions package or 24 coaching sessions package. And a very common experience that I have is that the last session is actual conversation towards continuing working together. I know it's a different model from counseling for many reasons and there are many advantages to doing that.

And what we did in that last session is going over all the results that that client achieved in their life during the time that we work together. And first of all by itself it's incredible for the client to share the results, all the wins and all the positive changes in their lives. And it's also a great conversation towards seeing if it makes sense to continue working together. So that's on the bigger scale. By the way, we will continue working together, right? So from 12 sessions we'll go into 24 sessions.

And there's this excitement that happens when I as a client go back and look at all the work that I've done and all the results that I achieved while working with my coach. At the last session it kind of makes it a no-brainer to just continue doing that. That's on the larger scale.

On the smaller scale actually start every session, definitely the coaching sessions and sometimes when appropriate the counseling sessions as well, with asking my clients to share their three main wins since the last time we spoke, right? So we're raising that energy and I think it's very helpful for the clients to see that the process we're going through together is not just talking and talking and talking and potentially getting a short-term relief from airing out the problems together with a compassionate listener, but it's something bigger than that, right? If that person is really struggling with that situation, let's say they are unemployed, and they did went into sat down and applied for a few jobs and then they share it in the next session, "Well, I did that," right? That creates that (a) excitement and momentum to creating changes if that's something they want, if they're ready for that change, and also it helps them to continue showing up and it creates this momentum to doing more of that work.

Now that directly translates into marketing and growing the business side of your private practice. And as I said yesterday in yesterday's live conversation, there's really not that big of a separation between marketing your practice and you actually doing the work. They're very much connected.

So when your clients can articulate to you and to themselves by doing that everything that they are actually able to create and achieve and also the insights that they have on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis what starts happening is that (a) they continue coming seeing you, they start telling their friends and family about you and they also many times what I see is let's say I have a coaching client and maybe they have a therapist or vice versa, maybe I work with a couple for couples counseling and one of them has a coach they start sharing their successes and how helpful the work is with the other helpers in their lives, and by doing that you're growing your referral network.

So basically saying that it's not enough to be helpful, it's also, in my eyes at least, it's also important for your client to actually say it out loud, right? Process. What has been helpful on the consistent basis? And of course, it's a great way to see if you on the right track, right? If I'm making mistakes, if I'm not meeting my clients where they want to be, if I need to improve what I'm doing - it's a great way to receive feedback for that as well. So I hope it's been helpful.

On that link that you see on the bottom left side of the screen you see the sixfigurepractice.com. You can find a lot of free resources out there - our podcast, our YouTube channel, a lot of articles as well and some free trainings to learn everything you need for marketing. So you can go there, watch the trainings, subscribe to the podcast.

And if you're watching this and you're not a part of our Facebook group, definitely go and look for successful private practice counselors and coaches. And join. It's a free Facebook group for counselors and coaches in private practice and it's a great community and I share a lot of resources there, and you'll be able to join our live videos that are happening pretty much daily. I hope it's helpful.

If you want some help, we have a private practice accelerator. And if you want some details simply comment or message me with the word details and I'll send all the details to you. Have a wonderful day.

to you. Have a wonderful day.

About the Author Sasha Raskin

Sasha Raskin, MA, is an  international #1 bestselling co-author , the founder of  The 6 Figure Practice, a  life coach, and business coach and a  psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. He is working on a P.h.D in Counseling Education and Supervision and is an adjunct faculty at the Contemplative Counseling master’s program at Naropa University, from which he also graduated. Sasha has been in the mental health field for more than 10 years, worked with youth at risk, recovery, mental health hospitals, and coached individuals, couples, families, startups, and groups. He has created mindfulness stress reduction and music therapy programs within different organizations. Whether it’s in person or via phone/video calls, whether as  a counselor , a  life coach or a  business coach, Sasha uses cutting-edge, research-based techniques to help his clients around the world to thrive.   As a  coach Sasha Raskin provides individual and group  coaching in Boulder, Colorado, and worldwide via video and phone calls, drawing from over ten years of experience. His services include:  life coaching,  business coaching,  career coaching,  ADD coaching,  ADHD coaching,  ADD coach,  ADHD coach,  leadership coaching, and  executive coaching. Schedule your free 20-minute  coaching phone consultation with Sasha Raskin As a  counselor in Boulder, CO, Sasha provides  individual counseling in Boulder, CO ,  family therapy in Boulder, CO, and  couples therapy in Boulder,  marriage counseling in Boulder, and  couples intensives /  couples retreats, drawing from over ten years of clinical experience.  He does  couples therapy Boulder,  online couples therapy,  Online Marriage Counseling  ,  online relationship counseling,   and marriage counseling boulder.

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