The 6 Figure Practice MASTERMIND is our flagship program!

For 6 months you will work on building your private practice in an intimate online cohort of up to 6 individuals.

You will get access to all of the content of the 6 Figure Practice Program, which includes 9 weekly video modules, 9 weekly projects, 2 bonus programs and an access to a private Facebook group

The video course content is the same as in the self-paced program. You can learn about the video content HERE

You will be going through the content and the implementation as your other 5 cohort members do the same. The sense of community and support in building your business this way in unparalleled! 

Most importantly you will attend live online group coaching calls with Sasha Raskin and your cohort every 2 weeks for 6 months for complete support in an accelerator format!

This is our fastest and most efficient way to help you grow your practice!

To get accepted to the program you will need to pass a 2-stages application program: a written application and a phone interview. You can find the application form at the bottom of the page. If it feels like potentially a good fit, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. 

This program is all about measurable results. Watch and read some of the stories of the program's participants:

  1. I started and finished the web design of my website in 8 hours.
  2.  I decided to change my career completely and picked a coaching program within a week, after a long time of overthinking things.
  3. A 100% of the potential clients I talked with started working with me, after consultations I did using the script and the methods I learned in the program.
  4.  It took me under 3 hours to create my first blog post having English as a third language and having no writing experience at all.

But the most significant change for me was intangible: my self-perception completely transformed.

– Dennis Guyvan, a graduate of  the program

– Evan Correy, a graduate of the program

Sasha Raskin is an amazing coach. He helped me get my small business off the ground and expand in ways I could never have done on my own in that amount of time. He provided me with the tools to challenge outdated limiting beliefs I had about myself & gave me very concrete guidance in expanding my business. Thank you so much Sasha, I could never have done this without you πŸ™

– Sophia O'Connor, a graduate of the program

  1. I moved from graduate student to professional psychotherapist with a private practice, and legal and organizational matters handled (like Simple Practice)
  2. I built a website I am proud of, and I now understand the marketing journey, I have a good metaphor for it (hunter-gatherer/farmer/barter) and I can launch a googleads campaign
  3. Went from 0 to 9 clients in my first year of private practice, along with getting married, buying a house, moving and having a baby and another part time job
  4. I currently have 17 5stars Google reviews that feel authentic

– Fabio Fina, a graduate of the program 

– Juana Rincon, a graduate of the program

I loved the bonus course about using the calendar and organizing things. I also happy that now I have that check list of what to do to organize my practice in a smart way. I have done part of it, what’s possible and necessary In Russia. Excited to start applying the marketing tools from the second week πŸ™‚

By the way, your advice to post on the FB that I’m looking for clients with a particular request worked out πŸ™‚ One existing client bought a course of 3 trainings to relief the shoulder ache πŸ™‚ 

The funny thing about all that is this: Nothing is rocket science and I kinda knew or heard about many things, but never applied them persistently. I needed to enroll on your course, make a decision, pay money and only then started to improve my business. It’s fun how the mind works πŸ™‚

Thank you much for your work, Sasha! I appreciate the combination of practicality and humane attitude in your courses. And the first results appeared already πŸ™‚

– Max Podolskhiya participant in the program (2 weeks in the program)

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Only 6 spots in each cohort

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This is done since space is limited to only 6 participants in each cohort, as well as making sure that everyone in the group are a good fit!