Success Leaves Clues: Building A Counseling Or Coaching Private Practice The Right Way!

A live conversation about using the old method of mentorship to save time, effort, and money in building your practice. Success leaves clues for you to model. We'll talk about how to exactly do that in today's episode. If you'd like to brainstorm a game plan together for your business you can schedule a quick free strategy call with us here:  https://bit.ly/practicegameplan


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My name is Sasha Raskin. I’m a Number 1 Best Selling Co-Author in 12 Countries, a Doctoral student in Counseling Education and Supervision, a coach, a psychotherapist and an adjunct faculty at a graduate counseling program at Naropa University. 

One of the things I’m enjoying the most is helping other therapists and coaches build their successful private practice so that they could actually help the clients they were taught to help, and thrive themselves. I’m almost always fully booked, so my ability to work with individuals is limited. That is why I’ve created this program to deliver powerful results and create a community where you will feel supported by each other! 

This program's primary goal is to help you build a thriving private practice, in a fun and authentic way. Counselors and coaches invest an incredible amount of time, money, and effort into building their helping skills. However, when their training ends, they usually find themselves lacking the business skills that are needed to start and run a successful private practice, feel isolated, discouraged and not knowing where to start. 

I believe that to be truly helpful to others, therapists and coaches have to learn to thrive themselves and definitely know how to get clients whom they can help. 

This is where this program comes in. If you're willing to learn and work hard, a 6-figure private practice is within your reach in a year - 2 years. This program will give you a clear outline, and detailed instructions on how to get there.

Start Building Your Counseling Practice The Right Way

The six figure practice which is a start-up accelerator - basically if you want to start or grow your private practice as a coach or counselor we can help you do that.

So I want to talk about mentorship and saving time and money and effort, your efforts, of building a pretty complex thing like a private practice.

I recorded a podcast episode two days ago with Rachel from Brain Code and who literally built an empire of neural feedback and biofeedback, a wonderful company that helps people with basically restructuring their brain. And I asked her what are the main things that helped her in her journey of building a business without knowing anything about business, right? That, she emphasized that. And she said, "Well, honestly it was mentors. People who were able to give me advice which I seek in terms of what to do, when to do and how to do it."

And she shared that mentors were all around her, right? It was only her choice to actually reach out and ask for help, and that's super important. Many times counselors or coaches who go into this long journey of building their business they might be a little intimidated by the competition, right? All the counselors and coaches around them that already have an established practice. And I hear often times statements like, "I don't know, the market is saturated with counselors and coaches." What if you could completely flip it on its head? What if all those competitors can actually be your mentors? What if you can grow together?

Because, frankly, the cake is big enough. There are way more clients than therapists and coaches. And the popularity of coaching and counseling just grows with time, right? So really there's no chance you will run out of people to help, ever.

Success leaves clues as Tony Robbins puts it. People who already created what you want to create, they went through a journey and that roadmap can actually be modeled, right? Just like kids learn for others, they model behaviors. Why not do it as adults when running your business?

You can do trial and error. I think there's value in throwing spaghettis on the walls as business owners and trying things out. Super valuable. You probably can't really succeed if you play safe and not try different things. And what if you could focus your efforts on what really worked for others already, what if you could ask a person that's probably already in your network that achieve the level of success that you want, success being helping others, using your skills as a helper and finding a smart way to make a business out of it? And ask that person for any tips and what should you be focusing on most. And asking them questions that you might be wondering about such as, "Well, how do you find most of your clients?"

You'll be surprised how much people are motivated from being put in the position of an expert, right? If you're seeking advice people will be more than happy to help.

And still, till this day, I remember pretty much all the advice that I've been given and it was super helpful. I'll give you one example, one of my mentors she told me when I was just starting out that it is so difficult for people to find a counselor in the area where I live because there are so many counselors, so I need to really become that person to go to with that problem. And that stuck with me. And one of the things that I focused on the most that honestly make me feel most alive is ADHD coaching, right? And with time it just grew and grew and grew because it's so specific. So that was extremely helpful.

So how do you find mentors? Teachers, colleagues - those are in a way lowest hanging fruits, right? People that you already have relationships established with. This is a great opportunity also to network and to reach out to colleagues in the area who you don't know yet and kind of pick their brain, back in the day before the pandemic take them out to coffee, buy them lunch. And that has been tremendously helpful for me on my past and for honestly for the members in our private practice accelerator, the six figure practice, that networking, building a network of colleagues that can help you out and you will be helping out in the future too. And the additional benefit of that is your building a referral network.

And another additional benefit, you're getting out of the trap of being isolated and lonely in building your own business, right? You don't actually have to do this on your own. There's so many other people around you who can help. And I guess the toughest thing about that is overcoming this vulnerability of asking for help, right? There's maybe part, if I'm just starting out, there's maybe a part in me that wants to present myself as an accomplished, successful person or this part in me that maybe wants to do it on my own or maybe a little embarrassed to ask for help.

And my offer to you, if you haven't done so yet, to do an experiment reach out to one person or two people and ask them if they can get on a call with you and if you can ask them a few questions about how they build their private practice. So that's one form of mentorship.

Another one is finding either a business coach that works in the area of your business, not just any business coach, but probably a counselor or a coach that built a successful private practice already and paying for the road ahead - they'll just give you the roadmap and you pay upfront for it. Or finding a coaching program where someone took their own roadmap and the roadmap of the other clients and packaged it in a way that could be replicated easily and applied, right? One of those programs is our private practice accelerator where we take coaches and help them, and counselors, build everything they need to scale their business consistently, right? All the operations part and the marketing part and the sales part and having the support to do so throughout the ups and downs of a business journey in a community of people.

So I hope that would encourage you. By the way, thank you for everyone who's joining the live and watching it later and listening to it on the podcast. I hope it's been helpful.

If you'd like to hop on a call with one of our coaches and see what you should be doing in your private practice - what's the next step that would bring you closer to where you want to go - you can just schedule a free call with one of our coaches in the link in the description.

So I hope that motivates you to reach out and start new relationships and deepen the ones that you already have with other counselors and coaches who can help you shorten the path to that private practice that you really want to have, right? So that you could be helping the clients that you want to be helping. All right, that's it for now. Take care and have a wonderful day.

About the Author Sasha Raskin

Sasha Raskin, MA, is an  international #1 bestselling co-author , the founder of  The 6 Figure Practice, a  life coach, and business coach and a  psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. He is working on a P.h.D in Counseling Education and Supervision and is an adjunct faculty at the Contemplative Counseling master’s program at Naropa University, from which he also graduated. Sasha has been in the mental health field for more than 10 years, worked with youth at risk, recovery, mental health hospitals, and coached individuals, couples, families, startups, and groups. He has created mindfulness stress reduction and music therapy programs within different organizations. Whether it’s in person or via phone/video calls, whether as  a counselor , a  life coach or a  business coach, Sasha uses cutting-edge, research-based techniques to help his clients around the world to thrive.   As a  coach Sasha Raskin provides individual and group  coaching in Boulder, Colorado, and worldwide via video and phone calls, drawing from over ten years of experience. His services include:  life coaching,  business coaching,  career coaching,  ADD coaching,  ADHD coaching,  ADD coach,  ADHD coach,  leadership coaching, and  executive coaching. Schedule your free 20-minute  coaching phone consultation with Sasha Raskin As a  counselor in Boulder, CO, Sasha provides  individual counseling in Boulder, CO ,  family therapy in Boulder, CO, and  couples therapy in Boulder,  marriage counseling in Boulder, and  couples intensives /  couples retreats, drawing from over ten years of clinical experience.  He does  couples therapy Boulder,  online couples therapy,  Online Marriage Counseling  ,  online relationship counseling,   and marriage counseling boulder.

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